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Our Services

Electric Motor and Generator Repair & Rewind:

Summit Power Company for Electrical industries can handle all your industrial AC & DC electric motor and generator repairs. - Everything from small, fractional HP, low-voltage units (<690V) to assets weighing 60 tons and rated to 15 kV. 

We offer one quality management system for engineering resources, skilled technicians technologies and proprietary rewinds, with service for:

  • AC induction motors - squirrel cage & wound rotor

  • AC synchronous motors - brushless & slip ring

  • AC generators - hydro, wind turbine , steam turbine

  • DC motors - permanent magnet, series, shunt, compound

  • DC armature

  • Specialty motors - vertical, hermetic, nuclear, explosion-proof, servo

  • Voltage ratings from low voltage to 15,000 VAC / 1,000 VDC

  • HP ratings from fractional to 30,000+ HP

Large & Extra-Large AC & DC Motor and Generator Repair & Our Field Services Available:

Summit Power Company for Electrical industries gives you more ways to test, repair, rewind, re-manufacture or reverse engineer large or extra-large motors and generators. We have extensive experience with the removal and installation of large engineered applications, plus comprehensive testing, heavy-duty lifting, high-voltage VPI rewinds and B-stage hard coils

Our Large and extra-large resources include:

  • 60-ton lift capacity

  • Dipping varnish tank - 100% solids epoxy resin

  • No-load Testing up to 10,000 HP

  • Run testing to 15,000 VAC & 1,000 VDC

  • Core less testing - 500 HP up to 10,000 HP

  • Dynamic Balancing up to 10,000 Kg.

  • Bake Oven 4 x 4 x 4 meters

Equipment Removal, Installation and Commissioning :

We remove, install and commission small, large and extra-large AC & DC motors and generators, pumps, gearboxes and other equipment. Summit power Company for Electrical industries field services specialists have extensive experience with highly engineered applications.

Our large and extra-large resources include: 

  • Electrical Testing and Troubleshooting

  • Predictive Maintenance

  1. Vibration Analysis​

  2. Thermal Testing

  • On Site Motor Testing​

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